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Scratch Off sticker Customer Appreciation

Customer Appreciation

Who uses scratch off stickers? These businesses use scratch off stickers to make their customers  feel like they are valued and appreciated. They love to make their customers feel special and their customers love to like they matter. 

Teachers- Teachers across the country are using scratch off stickers to reward good behavior and to encourage better attitudes in the classroom. Many teachers use the reward system when a child reaches a milestone. An example would be winning a trip to the prize bucket.  It’s easy to make your students feel like a winner when you use our free printable scratch off templates and apply our scratch off stickers. We even have yellow star scratch off stickers. 

Universities and Schools-creating scratch off cards for their own fundraisers. Scratch a spot and donate that amount. Our small line of scratch off stickers are very popular for this. 

Churches use our scratch off stickers to hold their own fundraisers for missions trips. 

Restaurants continue to use our  scratch off cards to give away free drinks, ½ price meals or a discount on their next visit, thus increasing their return on investment. Many restaurant owners choose to give away a rewards card to be used on the next visit.  We have even seen “no scratch campaigns” used successfully within the industry.  Your customer holds onto their “unscratched” scratch off card until their next visit to your establishment. To encourage a return visit, we also apply an expiration date to your custom scratch off cards when we print them.   

 Brides have successfully used our scratch off stickers to create their own Save the date Scratch Off Cards, give away centerpieces and even to ask their bridesmaids to stand up with them. There is no limit to the way you can use scratch off stickers to add a fun aspect to your wedding. We offer a variety of themed scratch off cards on our website as well as pinterest.

Direct Sales-Small business owners with Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, 31 Gifts, and many more are using our scratch off stickers in their direct sales businesses. Consultants have found that their parties increase in sales when there is a surprise incentive to spend more money. Bookings have increased when they use our fun party scratch off games.  

 Party planners- birthday. Create a scratch off game for children or adult games. Winning card wins a gift selected by you. We offer a variety of birthday scratch off games that you can print from home- for free! We will even customize your printable birthday scratch off games for a small fee.  

 Small business owners- give their customer a reward, encourage them to shop again. Set up specific codes to track your marketing efforts. I print up 3 or 4 different codes every couple of months and send out a card thanking my customer for their order, giving them a discount on their next order.  

 Trade Shows- give out a card and get them to visit your booth. You can either mail them a postcard before the trade show starts with a scratch off sticker on it, giving them a reason to come to your booth to scratch it to win the Grand prize. You could pass them out at the trade show when they visit your booth, giving them a discount on their purchase. Give away a grand prize at a trade show. 

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Scratch off sticker ideas

Are you looking to excite your customers with fun scratch off sticker ideas? Grab their attention? We can help! We offer:
Scratch off stickers- Make your own scratch off cards with our scratch off templates.

Our scratch off stickers are:
*Easy to scratch
*Fun to give
*Affordable to buy
*Will make your customer feel like a winner
*Increase your sales.

How to use scratch off stickers in your business

How do you create your own scratch off cards just like the lottery tickets? Scratch off marketing is as simple as using scratch off stickers. Scratch off stickers and scratch off cards are very versatile forms of marketing. You can use them to both attract new clients by using them as an incentive, and as a reward to buyers to show customer appreciation. You’re only limited by your imagination on how you can use scratch off cards for marketing.

Create your promotion on a business card or post card. You can design a scratch off card in your graphics program, or hire a graphics designer. Print your promotion directly on your card. After it is printed you can apply your scratch off stickers over the promotion. To apply the scratch off stickers, peel the scratch off sticker from the liner and apply over your promotion. It really is that easy. Now your promotion is a scratch off card ready for your eager customer to scratch and get rewarded.

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Scratch Off stickers or Scratch off paint?

Will you choose scratch off stickers or scratch off paint?

Forget the paint, glue, contact paper, dish soap and the mess, there’s an easier way to make your own scratch off cards.  You could spend a weekend, painting little pieces of tape, mixing dish soap and paint together and hoping that you have mixed the scratch off paint mixture just right. After all you are applying this paint mixture to your precious Save the Date scratch off cards.

There’s an easy alternative to make DIY scratch off cards fast, easy and fun! You can use our SIMPLE peel and stick scratch off stickers to create your Save the Date scratch off cards. We’re here to save you time and money! Did you know that 100 scratch off stickers are less than $10 with shipping included?

Would you rather spend your weekend waiting for paint to dry or go out and spend time with family and friends knowing that your Save The Date cards are complete and they look professionally done?  There’s no need to stress over if your Save the Date scratch off cards will scratch or how long it will take the scratch off paint mixture to dry.  As an added bonus you didn’t have to go out and buy more special ingredients. We call this a pinterest fail or a pinterest success. Which do you choose?