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Scratch Off stickers or Scratch off paint?

Will you choose scratch off stickers or scratch off paint?

Forget the paint, glue, contact paper, dish soap and the mess, there’s an easier way to make your own scratch off cards.  You could spend a weekend, painting little pieces of tape, mixing dish soap and paint together and hoping that you have mixed the scratch off paint mixture just right. After all you are applying this paint mixture to your precious Save the Date scratch off cards.

There’s an easy alternative to make DIY scratch off cards fast, easy and fun! You can use our SIMPLE peel and stick scratch off stickers to create your Save the Date scratch off cards. We’re here to save you time and money! Did you know that 100 scratch off stickers are less than $10 with shipping included?

Would you rather spend your weekend waiting for paint to dry or go out and spend time with family and friends knowing that your Save The Date cards are complete and they look professionally done?  There’s no need to stress over if your Save the Date scratch off cards will scratch or how long it will take the scratch off paint mixture to dry.  As an added bonus you didn’t have to go out and buy more special ingredients. We call this a pinterest fail or a pinterest success. Which do you choose?

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