Will it Be a Boy or Girl?
Gender Reveal Scratch off Card

As you can see, your gender reveal scratch off card can be customized to match your theme.
We would love to help you with your next gender reveal party, please message us if you would like us to
create a custom gender reveal scratch off card you can print from home.
These gender reveal scratch off cards are also available in different sizes, from a business card size up to a 1/2 sheet.
All you will need to print your gender reveal scratch off cards is card stock, scratch off stickers and of course a printer.

Customer Appreciation Scratch off Cards

Are you looking for a fun way to turn your boring business card into a unique way your potential customer will remember you?  Would you like to reward your customers? Would you like to have an easy way to track the advertising you send out?

Imagine adding value to your business card, at a fraction of the cost of your business cards. Is that possible? Yes it is. Introducing customer appreciation scratch off business cards. For years, smart companies have been using scratch off business cards at trade shows, conventions and restaurants. Why?

It’s proven that curiosity is human nature. Imagine receiving a business card with a scratch off sticker on it. Do you want to know what’s underneath it? Of course you do. Once you have taken the time to scratch the card you have invested your time and emotion. Imagine you won free shipping on your next order. Are you more likely to save the scratch off business card and give the company your continued business? Why wouldn’t you, the company just gave you a value that you appreciate.

Customer appreciation goes along ways. Show your customers you appreciate them with a customer appreciation scratch off card.

What prizes should you use?
You can use prizes that are generic or specialized to your business. When we create your customer appreciation scratch off cards, you are able to choose the prizes you want to use and how many you want to use. We offer 3 different promotions per set of 500 cards. Each additional  promotion added is $15. Here are some examples of prizes you may want to use:
10% Off Your Order
Free Gift with $20 Purchase
Buy 1, Get 1 Free
$10 Gift Card
Free vacation
Free Soft drink with your purchase
Visit our booth to win trip to Florida

Customer appreciation scratch off cards are meant to show appreciation to your customer. We recommend making them all winners, in some sort. Evaluate your business and decide what incentives your customer would appreciate.



5 Creative Ways To Market Your Business


  • 1. Writing Articles – Writing articles as a way to market and promote your business is easy, affordable and very
    effective! You can write about any topic that you have knowledge of, starting with your area of business or situations you have been in. How to and Countdown articles are very simple to write and are some of the most
    read types of articles. Be sure to include a small bio including your contact information and/or website so that readers may find out more about you. Submit your articles to local newsletters, magazines, newspapers,
    online article directories, etc.

    2. Network with other business owners – use this opportunity to swap referrals and advertising materials (business cards, flyers, samples, etc.) This is a great way to get your information exposed to a whole new market. Try to find business owners from companies that compliment yours, this way its only natural for their customers to look to you for your products/services.

    3. Prize Donations – Donate your products to local Radio Stations for Contests and give aways. This is a great way to get samples of your products into the hands of people who may not have previously found you. Be sure to include coupons or discounts as an incentive to get them to do business with you.

    4. Promotional Tools – There are all sorts of places you can get different types of promotional business tools. You want to try and do something that will stand out, something that is not done a lot, like the traditional pens, pencils, etc. A great creative type promotional tool is Scratch Off Business Cards, with these you can offer great prizes to your potential customers, discounts, free gifts, and so much more. You can find some great ones at http://www.EasyScratchoffs.com, you can also use these scratch offs on Bookmarks, Candy wrappers, Customer appreciation coupons, gift certificates, the possibilities are endless!

    5. Customer Testimonials – Testimonials are a great way to let people know what others think of your products/services. Your best bet is when someone compliments your products and/or services request permission immediately to put a quote in your newsletter, on your website, business materials, etc. Another great way to get testimonials is to offer free samples to a few people in exchange for their testimonial. Friends and family are a great place to start. You can offer this to
    strangers as well!

    Terra Williams is a Married Work At Home Mom of 4, and the owner of http://www.EasyScratchoffs.com
    , a resource for fun, affordable marketing ideas.

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