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Are you looking for a way to reward your customers? Would you like to increase your foot traffic into your establishment? We can help! We will customize your scratch off card to fit your business. Choose from 250 scratch off cards or 10,000 scratch off cards.

Scratch off cards are a great way to reward your customers for their purchase or get their attention so they will purchase from your store.
Small businesses love our custom scratch off cards and re-order once they're run out Customers love to scratch to win and your customers are no different! It's easy to have your own scratch off cards created. All you will need is your logo, choose how many prizes, and that's it. Your custom scratch off cards will be designed and we'll send you a proof for approval and then they will go to print. Please specify if you would like gold or silver circle scratch off stickers on your scratch off card. Our pricing includes full color front, proof designed and cards printed on a high quality professional laser printer. These are high quality cards and you get what you pay for. You're sure to be impressed with our print quality, our customers are!

Once you place your order, please send your logo, website, and list of promotions to terra @ logo, website, and contact information. Custom orders, please plan on 2 to 3 week turn around. Deadlines can usually be met, please call to discuss your needs.1-888-430-4491

Scratch Off Cards- You choose what prize to put under your scratch off card.
Some Suggestions are 10% off, Free Gift, Winner, Try again, Safety Winner, Buy 1, Get 1 Free, $10 off your next $50 order

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How Many Cards? 250 Cards, 2 promotions (95) 500 Cards, 4 promotions (125) 1000 Cards, 5 promotions (175) 2500 Cards, 5 promotions (299)
Additional promotions? No Additional Promotions (0) 1 Additional Promotion (15) 2 Additional Promotions (25)
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